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1 Sustainability. is committed to sustainable, profitable campaigns for our advertisers, and consistent monetization of traffic. We think of our advertisers as partners, and approach the relationship with an eye towards mutually beneficial and continuous monetization of traffic. This often means we will be satisfied with lower, more consistent bid prices from less bidders than wildly fluctuating prices and inconsistent monetization.

2 Compliance. At, we only work with trusted partners who run transparent, approved landing pages. We have all sorts of traffic, and try to find well funded, reliable advertisers who understand the different traffic sources we offer, and know how to comply with the different requirements of the traffic sources.

3 Continuity of Funding. Continuity of Funding. All our advertisers are well funded and consistently communicate their needs, requirements and limitations with us. We will not flood the platform with bidders. So you can get great ROI, but in return we expect all our advertisers to remain funded or communicate with us as to their changing needs.

4 Variety of traffic sources. Not all traffic is the same, and not all traffic is suitable for all offers. Or advertisers understand this, and work closely with us to monetize the different traffic sources.

5 Beta Platform. Because of the different channels of traffic we offer, the logic of the User Interface is still ‘under construction’. Integrations with new and unique traffic sources have specific requirements; therefore we cannot allow an open platform with non compliant offers or landing pages. We also hope the advertisers give User Interface feedback to help us develop a more user friendly and understandable platform.

6 Hand Crafted Campaigns vs. Self Serve. At this point in time, out advertising network consists of known, cooperative and well funded advertisers, with campaigns set up or reviewed by competent advertising professionals. Although some advertisers are free to set up and self serve, we take a keen interest in your compliance, success and sustainability.

7 Fraud Protection. By limiting access to our platform, we limit our exposure to fraudulent advertisers. This is good for all parties involved.

If you still wish to be considered as an advertiser, feel free to apply for consideration. Be sure to include who has referred you, and how you have heard of us. Please be understanding if we cannot respond immediately. – Traffic Monetization Network

The traffic monetization side of the platform is much more open to various channels of traffic, but there are also limitations to the use of our advertiser networks. Most of the restrictions are common sense and found in our Terms and Conditions, but here are the basic requirements.

1 Disclosure. At we monetize all sorts of traffic, including domains, international redirects, expired offer redirects, or other traffic that is otherwise excluded. We even monetize traffic from ‘unknown’ sources, but expect our traffic partners to be upfront with us as to what they know about the traffic, and to not misrepresent the traffic intentionally. If you do not know the source, do not represent it as a more valuable or attractive source than you know it to be.

2 Egregious Trademark Infringing Traffic. Some traffic sources, particularly domains, may be excluded from out advertiser network. Please consult your account manager if you are unsure or require more explanation.

3 Illegal or Dangerous Classifications. If traffic is from an illegal or dangerous source or keyword, such as (but not limited to) child pornography of terrorist sites, it will also be excluded.

4 Unknown Traffic Providers. All traffic providers must provide valid contact and bank information to be considered for

5 Fraudulent Arbitrage Traffic. Crawlers, Fraudulent IP and Click Fraud traffic is prohibited on If your visitors are not real, our advertisers don’t want them, and neither do we.

If you wish to monetize with us, feel free to apply for consideration. Be sure to include who has referred you, and how you have heard of us.