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Business Consultancy with experience in Advertising, Print and Web Publishing, Hotel and Restaurant Management, Travel, Foodservice Distribution. Recent focus on Internet Advertising, specifically Internet Traffic sales distribution strategy.
Founded August, 2003.

Yancy Naughton

Yancy Naughton has been in multi-channel advertising for over 20 years, dating back to his founding of NSRS of PA, a software and print based school reporting service founded in 1992. He also was the founder and editor of Golfer Magazines and Services, a golf advertising and travel firm anchored by two print publications, The Scottsdale/ Phoenix Area Golfer and The Southwest Golfer. Since 2003, he has worked as a consultant, restructuring the sales strategies of established companies such as The Real Estate Book, Moose International and DFS.

In 2009, he expanded Definite Article Publications to Europe with the opening of a location in Prague, Czech Republic. Subsequently he participated in the successful launches of two direct navigation traffic platforms, Elephant Traffic and ZeroPark, independently contracting with both networks as exclusive consultant. During the launch of both these ventures, he devised launch and sales strategies, worked on customer interface design, and implemented the building out of direct advertising networks.

It was during his tenures at Elephant Traffic and ZeroPark that he discovered the need for large traffic providers to find a ‘bridge’ to advertisers that did not involve brokered solutions or the high margins demanded by the large search engines and ad networks. He noticed that many large traffic sources had little or no direct advertisers, but instead relied on brokered solutions and redistribution of Google, Yahoo, Bing and second tier network advertisers. Often the margins demanded by these networks prevented the ROI on the media buys of the end consumer, and therefore proved unsustainable.

The current focus of Definite Article Publications is the launch of and building sustainable networks of advertisers and large traffic providers, and reducing profit barriers between them.

ABOUT THE NAME: Definite Article Publications was originally focused on print anchored companies such as The Real Estate Book, The Golfer Magazine, and various other local publications, all of whose titles started with the word "The". In English grammar, "the" is referred to as the "Definite Article", ergo the name.