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Why is the advertiser side of the platform. If you are interested in getting internet traffic directly from the source, avoiding the high margins demanded by the likes of Google, Yahoo, Bing and the Second Tier Networks, then join our network of direct advertisers. Direct Traffic may be your path to positive ROI and sustainable campaigns.

What is Direct Traffic?

We use the term Direct Traffic to describe all traffic that is sold directly from the source to the advertiser.

Direct Traffic is a stream of internet visitors, including (but not restricted to) traffic from domains and search bars. Direct Traffic can also be traffic that is redirected from exit clicks, pop under, unsold email redirects and other secondary and tertiary sources.

Why should I buy my traffic direct?

All legal internet traffic has value, the more targeted, the more valuable. But not all networks and traffic sources have business models that make it feasible to offer the traffic directly to advertisers. So they end up cooperating with other networks, including Google, Yahoo and Second Tier networks to match their traffic with advertisers, which significantly increases the bid price and often puts sustainable ROI out of reach. By buying it directly from the source you are not paying Google, Yahoo, Bing or other networks’ margin. can make the difference between positive and negative ROI on your campaigns, because will allow you to buy your traffic directly from the traffic source.

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